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Digital Literacy For Girls

 The Hub Digital literacy program was done in partnership with the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and  Employment and Gamchix targeting young ladies between the ages of  10-16. In Order to empower the next generation of strong, confident, and tech-savvy young women, the program was curated to equip female junior school students with essential digital literacy skills.


Entrepreneurship Training_edited.jpg

Ye! Agribusiness Incubation Program

The Agribusiness incubation program is a four months training program conducted by The Hub ltd as a member of the Ye! Community. The ‪Program targeted startups across the country in the areas of Cosmetics, Food Processing , Farming and poultry. Over 70% of women owned businesses were part of the training  and got to learn different topics on digital skills. The program was an opportunity for startups to up skill in areas that would aid them to run their businesses more efficiently and innovate by leveraging on digital tools.


Boot Camp

The Hub Bootcamp Program is a training initiative for kids aged 14 years and above. Participants completed a five weeks training program on Coding and Robotics. The program is done in Partnership with Gambia CyberSecurity alliance, Assutech , Digital jollof , See Tekvision and Robotics Hub Gambia.

The training equipped participants on problem-solving and analysis skills, such as finding errors and thinking logically. They also gained knowledge on motors and actuators and initiated a project that can detect humidity.

As the program progressed, participants were given the opportunity to independently design their own projects using Scratch.

Nationwide Robotics


The Cyber4Code training program was conducted for high school graduates and university students. This was meant to introduce them to the world of cyber security and run hands-on labs on  various cybersecurity concepts. Beneficiaries touched on the following areas:-

  • Reconnaissance

  • Route tracing 

  • Cybersecurity ethics 

  • Attach and Defensive methodology

  • Pen Testing 

  • Cryptography 

  • Security Audits


Digital Skills For Agripreneurs

The Agro Processing Digital Literacy  Program targeted entrepreneurs  across the country in six regions  with the aim of providing access to digital markets .  The training program had a significant focus on empowering women, with eighty percent of the participants being women. Thirty participants from WCR, NBR, LRR, CRR and URR were trained. The training was done in collaboration with the International Trade Centre. The participants were trained on areas such as:

  • Social media marketing

  • E-commerce 

  • Digital communication tools

  • Safety and security online

  • Online collaboration


Digital Skills For Female Cross Border Traders

The  Digitization and Digital marketing training  Program targeted women cross border entrepreneurs  with the aim of providing access to digital markets and to empower them  in the ever-evolving digital landscape . The one week  project was held in Farrafenni in which Thirty participants were trained on Digital Literacy and Photography skills.This is aimed at empowering cross border entrepreneurs through improving their capacities in digitization to increase access to markets. 

. Part of the courses covered were:

  • Social media marketing

  • E-commerce 

  • Digital communication tools

  • Safety and security online

  • Online collaboration


Executive Digital Skills

The Hub curated a bespoke training focusing on Digital Skills and digitization for institutions. The executive digital skills training was conducted for the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s executive management. This is meant to improve their skills in operating their services more effectively and advancing their digital transformation. Participants were taught on the various google platforms , how to safely navigate online, designs and communication tools. 

Customer Service Training_edited.jpg

Customer Service Training

Staff of the  Hub Ltd as members of the Information Technology association of the Gambia (ITAG) were part of a three-day training on Customer Service. The training was meant to equip the members with the essentials of maintaining good customer relationships and developing new skills. Participants were taken through dealing with customers in a professional way and getting them the best service required. 

They were taught how to deal with difficult customers and conflict resolution. The participants were also shown ways of developing telephone etiquettes and adapting to customer communication styles.

The presentation was done by Pierre Davis, a Technology transformation leader from Seattle, USA

Startup Huddle - 27th January 2023_edited.jpg

Startup Huddle 

Startup Huddle Serrekunda Chapter is  part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network which has 60 cities hosting the community session.The Hub Ltd is the Host and focal point for the Start-up Huddle Serrekunda. This chapter was launched in November 2022. So far The Hub Ltd has successfully hosted nine huddles in which business owners or entrepreneurs were invited to motivate startups. The aim of the sessions is to gather entrepreneurs in the ecosystem across different sectors to share ideas, discuss challenges and proffer solutions in their entrepreneurial journeys.


Ye! Community

The Ye! Community for Young entrepreneurs is a global community aimed at helping youth entrepreneurs to build scalable and sustainable businesses. It provides access to a global network, mentors, free access to start-up tools, and business opportunities. The Hub Ltd is the anchor to the Ye Community in the Gambia.



Westerwelle Foundation

The Hub as an anchor to the Ye! Gambia Chapter, an ITC-funded program, participated in the application process for the Westerwelle Foundation (WWF) in Berlin, Germany for their incubation program.

One of the Gambian entrepreneurs Omar Baldeh who was trained and mentored by The Hub was chosen to attend the 2023 cohort.  Chopser is  a Gambian smart ordering and delivering app 

The Westerwelle Young Founders Program is an international incubation program for outstanding young entrepreneurs from emerging countries. Every year, hundreds of applicants apply for the chance to participate in this impactful 6-month incubation program. 

We wish to congratulate Omar Baldeh on this huge success and look forward to even more achievements.



AfriLabs Member

The Hub is a member of the Afrilabs, an organization focused on empowering and building a community around innovation hubs and other stakeholders across various African Countries. As a member, the Hub benefits from  financial mentorship, networking opportunities, and capacity-building resources

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