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Boot Camp 2023

Participants of the Hub Boot Camp 2023 have completed a comprehensive five-week training program focused on coding and robotics.The program is done in Partnership with Gambia Cyber Security alliance, Assutech , Digital jollof , See Tekvision and Robotics Hub.

Throughout the program, they delved into various areas such as coding, web design, programming, and the Internet of Things (IOT). In the fourth and fifth weeks, the program was led by Alagie Madi Ceesay, a BTech Mechatronics Engineer, and Mamie Sabel Betts, a software developer.

During Alagie Madi's sessions, participants learned about the concept of IOT, its practical applications, as well as the role of sensors and motors in this field. They were also taught how to design plans and consider important factors when creating robots and other devices capable of performing specific tasks.

In the fifth week, Mamie Sabel Betts provided hands-on practice to the participants, showcasing how to design programs using Scratch, a visual programming language. As the program progressed, participants were given the opportunity to independently design their own projects using Scratch.

Overall, the Hub Boot Camp 2023 provided a comprehensive and immersive learning experience in coding, web design, programming, and robotics, equipping participants with valuable skills and knowledge in these areas.


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