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Digital Marketing & Digitization Training For Startups

Startups were on Saturday 8th April, 2023 taken on a digital marketing & digitization training as part of their Ye! Agribusiness incubation program. The training was held at The Hub and was attended by 14 startups.

The entrepreneurs were taught on how to grow their businesses by using social media, especially Facebook. Targeting Facebook as a means to advertise their goods and engage their customers, the startups were told to motivate their customers by doing competitions or giveaways.

The startups were shown ways of boosting their products on Facebook through ads and targeting their audience. They were told that engagement of their customers is key because it helps build their brands a loyal community and keeps them in touch with what people think, want and buy.

They were advised on making their customers part of their stories by making sure they don't make problems that will discredit their brands.

The presentation was done by Sulayman Sanyang , the founder of Elevate studios , a Gambian based multimedia company that specializes in animation , video, branding and digital education.

The Agribusiness incubation program is part of the activities The Hub is anchoring as part of the Ye! Community. This incubation program is an opportunity for startups to acquire digital skills, marketing strategies and network with people in the Agribusiness sector.


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