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Hub Summer Camp 2023 -- It’s a Wrap!!

It has been an educational and amazingly fun four weeks here at The Hub. All good things come to an end and we have finally wrapped up our Summer Camp. Sad to see you go but look out for our upcoming weekend programs for those who want to continue on this learning path during the school year. Follow us on social media and our website to learn more about these upcoming exciting programs.

The Summer program gave kids the opportunity to learn and explore four thematic areas; Digital literacy, Robotics , Graphic designs and Cybersecurity.

The first week was an introduction to digital literacy and a chat with Annette Sambou , an expert in Cybersecurity and addressing issues on online gender based violence,who shared safety tips on staying online. Second week was with Mamie Sabell Betts, a software developer and Alhagie Madi Ceesay,a BTech Mechatronics Engineer who explained to the kids the basics of Robots and how to design them effectively.

Sulayman Sanyang, founder of Elevate studios, was the presenter for the third week. Kids got to learn different ways of designing using Canva and Photoshop.

Fourth week of the program ended after vigorous tips were given to the kids on how they can safely operate online and protect their personal information. As The Gambia is still working with stakeholders on the country’s proposed cyber security cloud aimed to help solve any future cyber-attack in the country, it is a collective responsibility to provide such training for kids who are more vulnerable to falling victims. The Cyber security training was conducted by Mario Gomez and Sankung Sillah of Gamcon and Kids in technology respectively.

We thank our partners GamCon, Elevate Studios and The Robotics Hub for a great collaboration and to the parents for entrusting us with these wonderful participants. We encourage you to continue this work at home and reach out for support. Here at The Hub, we are here to connect, collaborate and work together.


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