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Jokkalanteh Market Platform Training

Young entrepreneurs enrolled in the Ye Agribusiness incubation program were on 5th May 2023 trained on how to use the “Jokalanteh” app and the benefits attached to it. The training was held at The Hub.

As the startup interventions range from Agro Processing, animal husbandry, poultry farming, horticulture and much more, it is essential to get accurate information on climate change and get the best advice on decision making in their business.

This being the case, the startups were trained on how to make best use of the app to succeed in their businesses.

The participants were told that the app is divided into three categories which includes: the buyers section where one can register and purchase products, the farmers section where farmers can register to advertise their products and the transporters section where transporters can register to deliver the products to the buyers.

The startups were also told that the app has a chat box for communication between the farmers, buyers and transporters.

Joseph Gomez and Mahmoud Touray from the International Trade Center(ITC) presented the application to the participants.

The Jokkalante market platform is a digital agriculture value chain platform that connects horticulture producers, buyers, and transporters in The Gambia.

The platform strengthens the linkages between the various stakeholders and promotes Gambian-grown vegetables. The platform was created 2 years ago to create a market for farmers. Their produce is being sold in hotels, supermarkets etc through phone calls. The languages available are Wollof,Mandinka and English.

They currently focus on ten crops which includes: onion, chilli pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet pepper, okra, cucumber, bitter tomato, hot pepper and carrot.

Link to the platform is added below:


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