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Taxation and Legal Business Registration

The Startup entrepreneurs were trained on “Taxation and Legal Business Registration”as part of their training sessions for the Ye! Agribusiness Incubation Program. The training was held on the 28th February, 2023 at ‘The Hub’.

The Startups were told that nobody can set up a government institution or business without paying tax. They were shown the procedures on how one can register their business entity.

The entrepreneurs were advised on being accurate while registering their businesses and also told that failure to do so will lead to consequences.

Participants were told that illegally operating a business in the country will have them taken to court with a fine imposed on them, but also told that exemptions to these laws are vendors in the streets and or markets.

The presenters were Mr Marri Sarr of Gambia Revenue Authority and Mr Alhassan Jobe of the Attorney Chambers and ministry of Justice who were given one and half hour each for the presentations.


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