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Startup Huddle with Afritaste & Outboost Media

The Hub held its 4th Startup Huddle event on Friday,the 17th of February 2023.

The guest founders for the event were Mariama Johm of Afritaste and Baboucarr Njie of Outboost Media Analytics moderated by Hub Co-Founder and CEO, Beran Dondeh Gillen.

Mariama is the founder of Afritaste, an agribusiness food processing company, registered in 2018 and located in Serekunda.

Mraiama Johm elaborated that knowing how to process or preserve her products has been one of her toughest challenges, and not the financial aspect that a lot of people complain about.

The branding aspect of businesses in The Gambia has changed a lot with regards to previous years. She said that a lot of entrepreneurs now understand the importance of branding and have been engaging in it a lot as it helps show the difference of ones products to others. She also mentioned that businesses in Gambia work with seasons and one should be innovative with regards to seasons.

Beran also mentioned something very important in which she said that ‘Consistency is key’. You can’t try to sell everything but should rather focus on certain products.

Mariam is now training others on how to make food processing. She just concluded training 8 participants on food processing and preservation.

Next presenter was Baboucarr who mentioned that he is the founder and CEO of Outboost Media. He said the company was established by accident in 2020 and how the company was brought into existence during the COVID. He also mentioned that he did an internship in one of the biggest banks in the UK which he also landed “accidentally” as he joked.

Babucarr mentioned that being a CEO doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to relax but instead strive to better oneself. He also mentioned that not everything can be done by you but instead should be done with a team.

He then further went to say that, you cannot just entrust someone to be a huge part of your business, but then start with them as a normal staff and if they prove their trustworthiness then you can maybe consider giving them shares, as this will make them value the business more and then bring in more contributions as it will also be to their own personal gains.


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