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Startup Huddle with S’like & Nature's Gift Care

The Hub Ltd, home of the Startup Huddle on Friday held its monthly community session for startup entrepreneurs in the Gambia. The Startup Huddle provides opportunities for startups to interact with entrepreneurs , share ideas, state challenges and the way forward to improving their businesses.

Our speakers were Kaddijatou Singhateh , founder of S’like, a digital marketing company that provides marketing and help customers build their brands online and Ndey Awa Ceesay, Founder of Nature’s Gift Care , a consumption and cosmetics brand that process moringa plants.

During her interview, Kaddijatou stated the importance of having good marketing skills to be able to succeed in business. She also mentioned that one needs to network, have mentors and also research to be able to grow. She said as entrepreneurs , you need to build a Semipersonal and Professional relationship to not affect your business .

Ndey Awa Ceesay, Founder of Nature’s Gift Care was the Second speaker who shared her amazing story with the participants. She told them to focus on something that is passion driven accompanied with discipline. ‘If you want to be everywhere , you end up being nowhere and if you want to do everything , you end up doing nothing’.

Ndey Awa told the participants that they have to do what they do best to be able to create a legacy for themselves,she advised them on upgrading and distinguishing their products and not seeing people as their competitors but instead collaborating. Ndey Awa also highlighted the power of social media and for one to be able to distinguish between their strengths and weaknesses. Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions , network and interact with the entrepreneurs.


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