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Our Agribusiness Startup-Ndey Drammeh

Ndey Drammeh is the founder of Ndimbalanteh Enterprise, a food processing center located in Njawara, Lower Badibu. The business was registered in 2018.

‘Ndimbalanteh’, a wollof word which translates to helping one another was established to assist the people of Njawara and its surroundings to have easy access to locally processed and preserved foods and cereals.

The business processes moringa powder, ‘chakry’( made from millet, accompanied with sour cream or milk), ‘ Findi’ (a popular grain in The Gambia , made from maize and can be accompanied with stew). ‘Cherreh’ ‘sanhal’, and ‘karaw (cereals made from millet).

They also serve as a processing center for the people of that community.

The business provides employment opportunities for the youth and aims to ease the burden on women especially during occasions by taking orders from them.

Ndey Drammeh was part of the startups who were enrolled in the Ye! Agribusiness incubation program. She has gained impactful knowledge that will help her take her business to another level.

You can reach Ndey on +220 332 9084


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