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Our Agribusiness Startup- Momodou Habib Bah

Momodou Habib Bah is the founder of MB Farms, a poultry breeding farm/hatchery and rabbitry center which was founded in 2021. The farm is located in Nema Kunku and produces dual purpose chicken breeds such as Blue Hallands and Brahmas. He currently has one employee.

MB Farms is addressing the shortage of day-old chicks supply after the Gambia government put an embargo on the importation of day-old chicks from neighboring Senegal.

The farm currently has a parent stock of 50+ birds and an incubating machine of 560 capacity. With the stated capacity, they are able to supply 150 day old chicks to local farmers weekly.

Momomdou Lamin has gained impactful knowledge from the just concluded Ye! Agribusiness training.

You can reach him on Facebook and twitter

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