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Our Agribusiness Startup-Samba Faye

Samba Faye is the founder of Plantation Nurseries, an indigenous nursery farm located in Fass Njagga Choi Lower Niumi District, North Bank Region. The farm was registered in 1998

The farm is engaged in the Propagation and Management of climate resilient and drought resistant seedlings of Plant Trees, Fruit Trees, Vegetable Trees, Bamboo Trees and Mangroves for smallholder farmers and communities in the Gambia.

Samba aims to be the leading supplier of quality seedlings in the Gambia. His business also aims at providing seedlings to the agriculture industry as well as the environment by mitigating climate change.

Samba has gained quite fundamental knowledge in our Ye! Agribusiness incubation program that will go a long way in helping him manage his business successfully.


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