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Our Agribusiness Startup-Yahya Sowe

Yahya Sowe is the founder of Smiling coast food processing center located in Gunjur. The business was registered in March 2021

Yahya’s business passion was driven from a training he attended in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. The training called the Yali Cohort 4 Training In Ascon Badagry La granted him the opportunity to travel to Songhai farm in Benin where he underwent training on food processing and also attended a training at Jamaa food processing center.

Yahya aims to reduce food wastage in the society and post harvest loss by also creating employment opportunities for youth in the country.

He currently has one full time employee and 4 part time employees.

Yahya is part of the 21 startups fortunate enough to undergo the four months training on agribusiness. The training is an opportunity for Yahya to gain digital marketing skills, financial literacy skills and lots more.

You can reach Yahya on Facebook


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