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Business Management & Client Relations Training for Startups

The Ye! Agribusiness incubation program for startups on Business management training was held on the 17th March, 2023 at The Hub. out of 21 participants, 12 of them attended the training.

The participants were taught on how to monitor their business by looking at the expenses they make, profits they gain and losses made. They were also given tips on how to effectively and efficiently manage their business and how to train their employees in order to be able to optimize their productivity and performance.

The startups were told to treat their customers or clients well as they are the reason for them doing business and without them they cant sell their goods and services.

Sadibou Jammeh was the trainer for the Business management Session. Sadibou is a lecturer at the University of the Gambia and the Director of Commerce at the GNPC.


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