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Digital Literacy

The Hub provides digital literacy training for a cross section of groups including children, young adults and business that touches on diverse areas of technology and allows beneficiaries to leverage on skills developed to better manage themselves and their businesses through technology.

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Summer Camp

The Hub summer camp kick started for the first time this year with a STEAM theme touching on digital literacy, 3-D Printing, cybersecurity, graphics design and team building to name a few. 


Nationwide Robotics



Robotics employs the use of analytics, engineering, and technology in using programming concepts to make robots function.



With the increasing use of online presence and technology, cybersecurity has become an important aspect of everyday life. Whether it is using the internet to browse social media or working via a VPN link from home or even ordering your favourite pizza online, cybersecurity has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives.


Ye! Community 

The Ye! Community for Young entrepreneurs is a global community aimed at helping youth entrepreneurs to build scalable and sustainable businesses. It provides access to a global network, mentors, free access to start-up tools, and business opportunities. The Hub Ltd is the anchor to the Ye Community in the Gambia.


Startup Huddle 

Startup Huddle Serrekunda Chapter is a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network which has 60 cities hosting the community session.The Hub Ltd is the Host and focal point for the Start-up Huddle Serrekunda. This chapter was launched in November 2022.

The Nationwide Robotics Program targeted public junior schools across the country in six regions  with the aim of providing access to robotics and tech innovations to underserved children. The project kick started on the 28th of January 2021. Five participants each from GBA, WCR, NBR, LRR, CRR and URR were trained on Robotics and digital literacy.

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