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Our Agribusiness Startup-Isatou Corr

Isatou Corr is the founder of Icorr Enterprise, a food processing business located in Bijilo. Icorr enterprise started operation about five months ago and was registered in June 2022.

The business seeks to promote food security by processing and preserving locally grown food. She also aims to improve the quality of the business’s product or service.

As a food processing center, Isatou recognises the importance of community development and economic growth by generating tax revenue. She also aims to create employment opportunities for youth especially girls and bring about environmental sustainability.

Icorr enterprise currently has four employees. Isatou is getting knowledgeable skills from the Ye! Agribusiness incubation program that will go a long way in helping her achieve success in her business.

You can reach Isatou Corr on

WhatsApp 7675271


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