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Our Agribusiness Startup-Dembo Keita

Meet Dembo Keita, Founder of Salimatou and Dembo's Agro entrepreneurship Farm(SDAFA) located in Sutukonding Village, Wuli West District, Upper River Region.

Dembo is engaged in producing and selling tree seedlings, vegetables and fruits. The business is registered and has been operating for two years. The farm specializes in sustainable and diversified agricultural practices, including crop cultivation and livestock production.Currently, the farm has four (4) employees who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the business.

As an agricultural enterprise, SDAFA Farm recognizes the importance of

addressing the challenges faced by smallholder farmers in the region. Through

sustainable and diversified farming practices, Dembo aims to improve food security, increase income, and promote environmental conservation.

Dembo is currently enrolled in our four months training program called the Ye! Agribusiness incubation program for startups. Dembo is equipped with skills on digital marketing, digital literacy, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and much more. He is also given the opportunity to have access to business linkages for market growth.

You can reach Dembo on Facebook


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