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Cyber Security

With the increasing use of online presence and technology, cybersecurity has become an important aspect of everyday life. Whether it is using the internet to browse social media or working via a VPN link from home or even ordering your favourite pizza online, cybersecurity has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives. The Hub thus creating the Cyber4Code program targeting students to create awareness on cybersecurity at a high level and prepare aspiring students in tech field to have a better understanding of key concepts in cybersecurity. 




Program History 

The Hub held its first cybersecurity training for high school graduates and university students to introduce them to the world of cyber security and run hands on labs to introduce various cybersecurity concepts. The Cyber4Code program ran for a period of 4 weeks and during this time, beneficiaries touched on the following areas:-


  • Reconnaissance

  • Route tracing 

  • Cybersecurity ethics 

  • Attach and Defensive methodology

  • Pen Testing 

  • Cryptography 

  • Security Audits


This program will be an annual event kickstarted a fully fledged 4 week intensive annual  program come 2023. 

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