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Nationwide Robotics 

The Nationwide Robotics Program targeted public junior schools across the country in six regions  with the aim of providing access to robotics and tech innovations to underserved children. The project kick started on the 28th of January 2021. Five participants each from GBA, WCR, NBR, LRR, CRR and URR were trained on Robotics and digital literacy.


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About The Program

The Hub Ltd in collaboration with the UNDP and The Robotics Hub  initiated the Nationwide Robotics Program.10 schools and a total of 40 participants were selected from the Greater Banjul Area. Each school provided 4 students. The West Coast Region saw 13 schools engaged with 1 representative from 11 schools and 2 participants from each of the remaining two schools. The participants were trained on areas such as:


  • Digital Literacy 

  • Components of The Robots 

  • Robotics in Modern Technologies 

  • Design Process & Critical Thinking 

  • Programming Concepts 

  • Assembling of Robots 



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