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Robotics employs the use of analytics, engineering, and technology in using programming concepts to make robots function. In today’s tech driven world, children are exposed to innovative technological solutions through video games, iPads, laptops and so much more. As such, STEM areas such as robotics allows children to explore their creative talents in terms of design, programming and building of robots to provide solutions to social challenges. 


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Program History 

The Hub Robotics program has churned out over 80 students in the area of robotics. Over a period of 3 months, beneficiaries of this program work on moot and ev3 lego mindstorm robots to design, build and program robots for different functions. The program consists of:-


  • Training on Scratch programming

  • Design process 

  • Building and construction of the robots

  • Logic programming of the robots using loops, if-else statements. 

  • Final project implementation and delivery

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