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Summer Camp

The Hub summer camp kick started for the first time this year with a STEAM theme touching on digital literacy, 3-D Printing, cybersecurity, graphics design and team building to name a few. 


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Program History 

The summer camp program ran for the first time in August 2022 for a period of 4 weeks. During these sessions, beneficiaries aged 10 - 16 were trained on weekly themed program touching on key aspects of tech with a mix of team building and leadership exercises. The beneficiaries were trained on:-


  • Digital Literacy 

  • Key concepts on cybersecurity and staying safe online 

  • 3D printing and its uses with hands on training on 3 D printing 

  • Graphics design touching on key platforms and concepts

  • Soft skills training on team building and leadership 


The program ended with a project presentation from the group of beneficiaries and an excursion trip to The Gambia National Security Operations Center in Abuko. The program will be an annual program and in the summer of 2023 will run for a period of 2 months.

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