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Ye! Agribusiness Incubation Program

The Agribusiness incubation program is a four months training program conducted by The Hub ltd as a member of the Ye! Community. The ‪Program targeted startups across the country in the areas of Cosmetics, Food Processing , Farming and poultry

Digital Marketing and Digitization Training
Agribusiness Training


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About The Program

The incubation program was an opportunity for startups to up skill in areas that would aid them to run their businesses more efficiently and innovate by leveraging on digital tools.


Targeting 18-35 year olds, 18  startups  with production stage companies across the Gambia who are into Cosmetics, poultry, Farming, Food processing, Beauty and cosmetics and Animal Husbandry  were enrolled in the four months program .


Over 70% of women owned businesses were part of the training  and got to learn different topics on digital skills. These include:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Management

  • Digital Marketing & Digitization Training

  • Digital Literacy And Photography

  • Taxation And Legal Business Registration 


Participants were also trained on how to use the“JOKALANTEH” APP, a digital agriculture value chain platform that connects horticulture producers, buyers, and transporters in The Gambia.


They also went on a site visit to Radville farm to get first hand information on how to operate farms. Each of the 18 participants were assigned to different people who have expertise in entrepreneurship to coach and mentor them on how to go about their businesses. 

Agribusiness Call for application
Ye! Agribusiness-Tax and Business Registration Training
Ye! Agribusiness-Tax and Business Registration Training
Digital Marketing and Digitization Training
Digital Literacy Training
Agribusiness Training
Ye Agribusiness Training
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