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Our Initiatives

The Hub’s impact reaches beyond the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Hub supports youth through targetted training in digital literacy, coding, robotics and 3D printing to expose young people to STEAM related programs at an early age. 


Digital Literacy 

Digital Literacy

Digital skills have now become a necessity following the impact COVID19 has had on individuals and businesses worldwide. Digital Literacy is vast and touches on many areas............




Robotics employs the use of analytics, engineering, and technology in using programming concepts to make robots function. In today’s tech driven world, children are exposed to innovative technological solutions through video games, iPads, laptops and so much more.........



Cyber Security

With the increasing use of online presence and technology, cybersecurity has become an important aspect of everyday life. Whether it is using the internet to browse social media or working via a VPN link from home or even ordering your favourite pizza online........


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Summer @ The Hub

The Hub summer camp kick started for the first time this year with a STEAM theme touching on digital literacy, 3-D Printing, cybersecurity, graphics design and team building to name a few........

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